November 8, 2002

Guess what, my girl guppy had her babies--twenty-two of them, approximately. She is already chasing them around the tank, but most of them play it safe and hide amidst the rocks and plants at the bottom. ALL of my fishes are horny right now--the boy guppy is doing nothing but chasing around the girl, hoping he'll get some action now that she's had her babies. And the boy tetra is chasing the two girls, who are doing their best to evade him.

Last night was spectacular. I went to see the Bolshoi Company's "Swan Lake" at Zellerbach Hall. Stunning technique. Those Russians certainly have the stamina. (Not to mention good looks!) I would love to see them again ... I made a tentative vow last night to attend more ballet events. But, then I thought: where? I'm not sure about SF ballet. Has anyone seen them? Hopefully, Bolshoi will come back again next season. Next time, I'll remember to bring my binoculars so I can really get a good look at the costumes and the dancers' faces. (I was wondering how old the prima ballerina last night was ... her physique was that of a sixteen year old). And the principal male dancer ... his grand jetes were so high and long .... you could see that extra thrust in the middle of his leaps to extend the air time. It's crazy what the human body can do!

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