July 25, 2004

the hell is praxis?

Praxis is a neat word we use in architecture, and the name of a design magazine. What is praxis?

"Translating an idea into action." define: praxis

The ability of the brain to conceive of, organize, and carry out a sequence of unfamiliar actions.

the performance of an action; "doing"

Marx’s term for social practice. The term is meant to convey the work we undertake collectively to shape our world and our reality; it represents Marx’s dialectical critique of Hegel’s term Geist.

Praxis is a complex activity by which individuals create culture and society, and become critically conscious human beings. Praxis comprises a cycle of action-reflection-action which is central to liberatory education. Characteristics of praxis include self-determination (as opposed to coercion), intentionality (as opposed to reaction), creativity (as opposed to homogeneity), and rationality (as opposed to chance).


Anonymous said...

praxis, deep.

jean said...

how do you make perfect? praxis, praxis, praxis