July 13, 2004

www.davidlachapelle.com (fabulous photo for private use)

a hot, hot look from DSquared spring '05 (stolen from style.com for personal use, of course!)

in Elie Tahari suit

On a happier note, I spent a few hours looking at men's fashion last night -- one of my trickier vices -- and concluded that there is too much variety in fashion for women. How are you judge anything if there's so much difference? It's totally subjective. For example, a critique of Anne Valerie Hash's deconstructed frocks on Style.com. I think they're brilliant. The editor states, "the ground she is covering has already been explored by Belgium's first generation of deconstructivists...Hash needs to be cutting free from her own habits." Well, maybe I'm out of the loop, but is deconstruction simply not meaningful anymore, have all the deconstructivists gotten bored of their forays? Let's move on to a more recognizable look, something a little more "saleable"? Deconstruction hasn't even begun.

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