January 24, 2005


Phenomena that currently intrigues me:

1) Marriage obsession afflicting people in their late 20's who feel societal pressure to wed.
2) The longing of older, less hip people to reclaim their decade(s)-ago hipness by taking part in what they percieve to be contemporary, while younger (arguably more authentically) hip people claim/rehash/fabricate an (inauthentic) history by reveling in a decade(s)-ago era in which they never really participated.
3) Sleeping on a wooden floor is more confortable and results in fewer strange dreams than sleeping on a mattress.

I had an extremely violent dream last night with a very bizarre sequence of seemingly related events: a mixed-race wedding took place in a desert boomtown and the groom was tragically shot dead by an unknown gunman; in a suburb at night, a late-aged mother shoots a child molester up the back of his skull (he manages to survive, so the mother quickly runs around him and shoots him twice more in the chest; subsequently, a horde of children descends upon the man and beats him to death); the same night, a small blonde-haired girl sits in a seat behind a murderer on a school bus and, with a grin on her face, begins clicking a small trigger, and as the man turns around and realizes what she's doing, the bus explodes, killing everyone in it; I am in Houston walking down the empty sidewalk on a bright day, and another public bus is bombed, exploding right in the middle of the vehicle, and while I believe everyone inside it is killed, a small, frail, mustached man wearing large glasses walks out the rear folding door of the bus and away from the scene; I then find myself with Ben, (presumably after the crash of a small passenger jet -- a cartoonish leer jet -- after I see many passenger jets flying perilously low across the blue sky), rushing across an expansive multi-lane freeway in Illinois, dodging cars and jets, running up and down wrong exit ramps on the edge of the concrete (they only lead to green hills and old unfamiliar farm towns) and attempting to find the way to the city.

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