March 27, 2005

i am a paperdoll

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i used to make paperdolls when i was seven. they would be anthropomorphic beasts -- human bodies with animal heads -- dressed in bonnets and navy sailor school girl jumpers, tulle party dresses and pink ribbon, tweed conductor uniforms and monocles, high boots and spats, in that turn-of-the-20th-century American fashion.

if i were to make paperdolls today, i might make magical cats wearing ties, small girls with enormous wing-like bows on their backs, sullen salary men. as you can see, i'm not really working in the early American girl idiom any longer.

so after this week, i will be a pseudo-expert in noh theatre. (surprisingly, after graduating, i haven't lost the ability to identify discursive threads very quickly ... oh, and speed reading). after filling my head with zeami, karaori, shite and waki, i have this sudden urge to read derrida and be trendy again. hehe. (thanks boy).

ps TRANG -- CONGRATS!!! ... i will visit you in boston!!! you are my hero.

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