April 27, 2005

death & humor

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So I was thinking of this. And then I came to this!:

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Go to this site! The art is ridiculously fresh. I mean, ... taxidermy, a mix of flesh and formaldehyde, is one of those things that no one really gets close enough to really know what the hell it can become. Death has always intrigue, and seeing a delicately preserved carcass in a box is definitely intriguing. Please look at the "Fantasy Work" and "Cryptic Curios" -- the cat's head in a box reminds me of Murakami's 'Kafka on the Shore.' Be warned this site is not for those whose empathy towards dead creatures is extremely high. (Her subjects are already dead before they are taxidermitized).

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bach said...

when i was little, i liked to suck ANTS up with the vaccum machine.