April 5, 2005

i am transnational

i am transnational
i have no roots in one nation, but many
i have a deep knowledge of several different cultures
without a single theoretical perspective
a thousand eyes and minds and images
but one life
i have no loyalty to one nation but
would like mutual understanding between
i speak several different languages
i speak cynicism, optimism, anger, and call bullshit on others
because i know more, but distrust my self
i worry a lot about people i don't know
i am entirely urban and want to live alone in forest
i read the global news first and local news second
national news last
i am very bad at following rules
i am picky about the authenticity of my food
i am not poor and like material things
i feel affinity to cultures of nations with populations at least a billion people
but alienated from the wealthiest
i can appreciate art
because i have one of the most luxurious lifestyles in the world
because the world is my home

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