April 20, 2005


The post-college years are like a rehab time, where we are all re-making our lives and shaking off whatever mental diseases we acquired in college. We grow into our skins. Listen more than talk. Have fewer attachments. Acquire more quirky habits that will not go away. Think beyond theory. In between some kind of blank future, deep nostalgia for the wicked innocence of college life, and nihilistic optimism. Pick up from the shambles of our miscalculated dreams, and live day to day, in fear of losing our imagination. Or I could simply be speaking for myself. :)

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kbach said...

yay jean!!!

let's go!!

i might already be in the city from work, so maybe we meet there? but if i'm in berkeley, we roll out together!

OH CONGRATS!! i heard from christine chang you got an architecture job!!! WHOO HO!!!!!!!!