April 11, 2005

Womanhood and some links

1 My cousin Danielle told me that a woman, on average, speaks about 3000 words per day. If these words aren't spoken, they can really make a person crazy. I find this to be true. And besides being a staple for your well-being (ie venting!) talking is a pleasure in itself.

2 I love talking to people who are older (and wiser) than me. It makes me happy and hopeful.

I told my friend that I have this sense that my generation is ever less sure of themselves. She said that it's because we have more pressure -- more requirements, more (quantifiable?) goals to reach -- as if they are the only goals we can have, and less time to actually think about what really makes us happy. She said everything changes when you stop thinking of your life in black and white -- that you have extremely limited options. (I have to agree; mental limitations are usually worse than reality.) Also, as a woman, there is more pressure to be not only to be pretty, but smart, savvy, raise a family, become successful. On one hand, there is more freedom, but it can hinder your ability to easily make a choice for yourself.


Today, I got a whole lotta excellent links. What sites do I use? MocoLoco and Archinect, and some of the blogs they link to directly. Even though I thought the choice of title for MocoLoco was really cheesy and pigeon-holing, they have some really interesting edits.

Trends? Lots more conceptual designers (designers who make functional objects with a cerebral edge) and new material & production processes. Breaking the rules of pure design (cuz it's boring to rehash the same old stuff). Elegant, playful, happy, but definitely with a critical, often overt, message.

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Frame Magazine -- Amsterdam-based interiors magazine. One of my favorites out there.
GOYARD -- high high-end luggage
aitali -- fun with plexi
chi ha paura -- Amsterdam jewelry designers
Miller Studio -- Jason Miller: NY designer who shatters and legos
American Rag Cie -- just some clothes with good art direction
Quinze and Milan -- I believe they made the foam furniture at the Seattle Public Library; here's some of their other stuff.

All right. That's all for now!

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