May 8, 2005


After some sort of heavy browsing (usually ending with 4 browser windows, about 20 tabs per), my thoughts are about as fragmented as all of the sites I had just finished reading/viewing. This happens about 2-5 times a week, 2 hours per, if I am busy. A lot more hours if not. I haven't really done this before, but here's an idea of what a session is. Tonight, it's

the US appeals court overruling the FCC,
the new mapping technology using lasers -- to help us in times of terrorist attacks (ha),
why macromedia and adobe merged a while ago,
the imitation ipod shuffle (WITH a screen!),
OMA's casa da musica on flickr, how the windows are so big,
on the authenticity / inauthenticity of word-of-mouth marketing,
why I need to visit the Tate,
more and more social networking PLACE SPECIFIC, what it means for a more and more fragmented idea of the world ... and truly fragmented, but they need a critical mass of users
craigslist + Google = housingmaps,
the cult of Amway in Asia (clever pyramid schemes),
Thus Spake Zarathustra ... illustrated
etc etc etc ...

more and more thoughts and themes just swimming around in my head. I realize I need to develop some kind of meta-filter for my brain, so I can give myself time to research and make the connections for the stuff I should, or else all of my thoughts will be 2-5 minute blurbs packed away, mentally tagged ("philosophy," "socio-technological rifts," "corporate deception," "1990s street art") away, and lacking depth. (If my head was a room, it would be filled with interesting stuff, but really, really messy. Things would be strung together all over the place, but incomprehensible). But ... there is just not enough time ...

usefulness of decade-dating / prone to stereotyping (ie 80s, 90s)
creepiness of Mac cult
the youth of our technologies (I imagine myself in 10 years time musing about the things I once knew to be cutting-edge ... it's quite exciting)
people who fear the unfamiliar and are thus: repulsed by it (closed) or fetishize it
can you work for someone you do not respect professionally and think are incompetent at what they do?
there always have been divisions, but now there are more that I see on a very tiny generation difference (just 2-6 years)
there are people who do not use computers.


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