June 8, 2005

linky links

what's happening in nantes, france? there are several pages in this album. amazing!

how rich are you? you aren't that broke.

the mystery of the female orgasm and one (male) scientist's hypothesis. hilarious!

why are americans so boring? beats me ...


Lillian said...

yeah, so why are americans so bland? like seriously? especially in the suburbs, the most conservative, dullest place in the world?

i wanna go to the film festival. T_T i got an extra 20 bucks this week. whoot?


siqi said...

not only are american's bland.... we like to make fun of Janense youngster's crazy outfits...

vinh said...

gee, thanks jean. from this post, i realized that i'm a rich and boring fuck who has a serious napolean complex!

but at least now, thankfully, i can defer the blame for my sexual incompetence to biology and stop pointing the finger at... umm... my finger?

you rock, jean!

jean said...

you rock, too, vinh ... even if you have finger problems. hm.

yeah, i think most of the US is an island when it comes to design. like a bully the others respect because he's big, but not because he's cool. stop living in white bread nostalgia and get with it! there are a number of things that are all related to each other (all of which are my opinion):

1) america loves nostalgia and make-believe. america loves to "invent" a history that it doesn't have and thus, makes hybrid, imaginary histories from other cultures or pumps up its own that are far simplified and reduced. hence design that moves backwards instead of forwards. think: "country style," thomas kinkade, "mission villa style," "English themed gated community."

2) america loves an emotional story, glory and gimmicks. think: thomas kinkade, hollywood movies, even farenheit 9/11

3) america believes in the lowest common denominator for making money (making assumptions about what people want). one might call this "serving the public." think: wal-mart, other big boxes, and beige boxes.

4) america still believes in mass production. which ties into 3)

on the other hand, americans tend to have a lot of respect for innovation an go-getters. and are optimistic up the wazoo. so those can be good things.

go USA! i heart ny!

vinh said...

no, wendy's have finger problems.

me, i was just being modest!

nyc is the dopest!