November 4, 2005

twilight hilarity

i had this dream last night. i was at the airport, waving good bye to my dad and little sister as they boarded their leer jet. i walked back through the tiny terminal, and i stopped in front of a small glass exhibition case (you know those exhibits they have at the airport). inside it was a british brushed stainless steel pair of glasses (rhombus-shaped) from the 1920s or 40s. they looked sort of bauhaus/deco. before i could really study the antique, a crowd of japanese businessmen dressed to the 9's in their prada suits strutted past me, each of them doing their rendition of a mocking chicken dance. (evidently, they were making fun of the stodgy british and their 'high design' glasses). i laughed, and i guess i was laughing out loud, too.

right now, it doesn't seem very funny, but it sure seemed hilarious when i was sleeping. this was probably the first time i laughed in my sleep in many, many years.


bruce said...

so perculiar and absurd.

all these dreams would make a great bjork music video.

jean said...

-perculiar- they are ...

... a dream of bespectacled taxidermists, standing with umbrellas out, under a rain shower of tiny pollen-covered pine cones.

jean said...

ooh i just remembered, it wasn't a dream!!

"A few days ago, I went out with my cousin's old college buddies, Leslie and Rikako to a ... dive bar ... on Maoming Rd, where we watched a sizeable rat skitter across the moulding on the wall. Leslie was disgusted while Rikako thought it was cute (Rikako owns a dachsund who she calls her son). Perhaps it wasn't the best idea to step into the only empty bar on the entire street, the one that has an enormous stuffed condor on a mantle near the entrance. (I imagined it was the sort of bar frequented by old bespectacled taxidermists with a fondness for socially outcast critters) ..."

(from a diary entry)

ben said...

are you subconciously making fun of my new glasses?

jean said...

no, ben ben -- your glasses are very french.

anyway, these glasses were just solid metal rhombuses -- there were no lenses. if you wore them, they would simply cover your eyes in steel; you wouldn't even see through them.

andrea said...

i admire glasses.

at this point, i'm a bit dissatisfied with the ones i chose this past summer. i look back at the hugehuge rose-tinted ones i bought off the sidewalk in new york one windy darkened-by-skyscraper late afternoon (in soho?), and they just don't belong anymore.

same with these ones from target (while i'm disclosing me' sources!) that a friend describes as yoko-ono-ish.. light green, frameless... so small, the borders of the lenses actually prevent you from really seeing! kind of like how hipsters' hair gets in their eyes..

oh well.

you just now reminded me of a pair of plain black sunglasses... who needs an occasion to wear sunglasses!?

andrea said...

just re-read the comments a bit.

wow, jean- your memory and consciousness are playing some wacky shit on you lately! :D

does this make a great bjork video because her videos (and songs?) all seem like little inside jokes?

(inside = bjork sniggering to herself?) :D

jean said...

wacky shit -- you got that right.

you might be on to something about the inside jokes ... the jokes inside. though i distinctly remember laughing not because it was allusive or ironic or anything. it was just ... purely ... funny!