December 6, 2005

more from amsterdam

Top to bottom: sweet bike near prinsengracht, that dive bar, mies van der rohe barcelona chair-like street benches, droog design


andrea said...

awesome fotos, as always! i don't have even a few minutes to type about them all! 1 foto = at least 1,000 words!

and as always, awesome city!

when we were younger, it was lots easier to hear stories and see movies about cities like amsterdam, and to then want to ditch what we were doing just to move there, eh?

i have a feeling that i wouldn't be able to do that until middle age.


p.s. i'm really glad that yr blog lets everyone post something. jimmy t. tran's makes you sign up for blogger dot com! and i always forget my blogger password!! well, jimmy's too famous for too many blog comments, i guess.. :D

jean said...

"i have a feeling that i wouldn't be able to do that until middle age."

how come?

jean said...

fuck it. no more silicon valley / limo liberal bullshit. let's move to amsterdam.

minhthybach said...

i want to go to amsterdamn!

andrea said...

haha, "amster-damn"! this is a new expletive!!

i'm too old-fashioned and attached to "home". and that means california. bleh. my family wouldn't be up for it. well, i've been "the black sheep" since forever. but i figure that an insistence on me moving to amsterdam by myself would blow things outta proportion. at least, it would, at the moment.

a city in china or in taiwan (nanjing, shanghai, hong kong, or taipei) would be more fitting. family ties. i'm trying to live by "shang you zhengce, xia you duice" in, "do what you can do, without outwardly flouting..'convention' or 'regulation'."

you should meet my housemate vlad! he's going to apply for dual citizenship (mexican and u.s.) and he put into my head the thought that, someday, "repatriation" to the p.r.c. and/or the r.o.c. will be feasible!

what do you think? amster-damned national customs!

jean said...

"repatriation" ??? did he read about this somewhere? last i checked, ideologically communist countries are still mortal enemies ... i got my US citizenship 2 years ago, but i always wanted the dual. i just hate the black-and-whiteness of it all. but it is so much easier to not deal with visas all the time.

kathy ... if you decide to make a trip to amsterdam in the next few years, you MUST MUST tell me!

what is the exact translation of the saying? "swim upstream ... swim downstream against ..." i wish i knew as many sayings as you do andrea!

Lisvague said...

Have you been to de Waterloopplein or de Noordermarkt? It was a must then!

jean said...

no i didn't go, althought it was suggested. next time i go, i will DEFINITELY go to de noordermarkt. and carry lots and lots of luggage home!