December 8, 2005

tobias wong

Tobias Wong, again. This time with Ken Courtney. An earlier entry here.

Tobi: The sign of recognition of a Wong creation is the excellence of the finish, immediately evident to the initiated. Each detail of fabrication speaks of the very special attention paid to quality and whispers absolute exclusivity. [editor's note: LOL]

Tobi: Why indulgence? Well, I’m a man of extremes. And what’s the opposite of indulgence? Denial. I’m not going for denial. I’m not that spiritual, so indulgence it is. I suppose there is a middle-ground between indulgence and denial, but the middle is boring. Nothing happens there. (via)

i know this design meme (simplicity, irony, cheekiness, ambiguous luxury, violence and drugs) is getting just a tad bit old, but it sure beats all those goddam dutch butterflies! (kathy -- gold + lucite = still yum)

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