December 19, 2005


San Lorenzo. HOT.

a few memories of the weekend:

siqi's amazing leg warmers.
intense firewire action linking kathy and my 12" powerbooks.
kathy's super fast photoshop maneuvering.
savory muscat gummies.
identifying mysterious buena vista neighborhood in berkeley hills.
tasty caipirinhas too early in the day.
j's pots of soul with michael: chicken wings, link sausage, pumpkin pancakes, pork chops, cabbage, hush puppies, glazed yams, tea, orange juice, and digestion fatigue.
attempting to watch "alphaville" (again) but falling asleep.
inexplicable psychic connection with andrea during intense whiskey / bailey's infused game of pictionary.
speed. (or morbid obesity?)


andrea said...


psst: i have a bianchi, too! i need to show it to you- it hasn't been getting used during the rainy season. i doubt that i can ride without paranoia, unless it's in the wee hours of the morning, when there's absolutely no traffic in sight, and the streets are dry, wide, and flat.

i bought it from The Bent Spoke (it had a moving sale). now, the shop's on Telegraph. you should meet my friend/housemate Angela- she's just as "bike faggy" as kelson. going to a bike shop with her would be like having a bonding experience.

"morbid obesity"!!!! i hadn't heard that phrase in a while. but you know, if the phrase was actually drawn, i would have drawn a big belly AND 'X's for eyes. maybe a crucifix and a gravesite, as well.. and a big bag of chips..

jean said...

if i wrote pictionary i WOULD include such terms as "morbid obesity," "international monetary fund," "third world crisis," "christian fundamentalism," "asian fetish," -- what amazing little things people would draw!

okay ... how come i have not seen this bike? do you like the people at bent spoke? i want to find a bike by the end of january. i am dying for celeste ... celeste! but i wouldn't mind solid black or maybe a nice effervescent shade of blue.

andrea said...

ok oK OK.

i have a sneaking feeling that you want me to verbally explicate the subliminal magnetism that draws me to your freakin' blog at freakin' past my curfew.

but this will have to be over drinks. yes- over maximal alcohol. and yes- in person. at a bar. or at least.... pretty much any public space in s.f./bay.

fuck "law" (?). i can't believe that a certain body named E won't even brown-bag it around berkeley. at night. go figure.

andrea said...

ok. back to "business":

the fact about Pictionary explains why Apples-to-Apples took over P's educated-game-playing audience.

[my god- i just metaphorically crapped my pants. can't believe i finished typing that.]

rest assured that "4-player-table-games" are on the list of "things to bring back to the bay. even though you could prolly knock on yr next-do'-neighbo's do', and politely-inquire-to-borrow-said-games-instead-of-a-mite-of-granulated-sugar.".

andrea said...


this is what january 2006 is for!!

have you bought the bike yet??
have you bought a bike yet??

what is going on jean? :D

sorry for the delay. i hope you let me or make me tag along on a bike-hunting/bike-buying trip.

or at least call me after you've bought the thing.

"do you like the people at bent spoke?"

this question is similar to:
"do you like those people in the bay area? yeah, those people. the ones... no, not those ones.. but, those ones over there. THERE. yeah, THERE. THOSE ones. i'm asking: do you like THOSE ones, THOSE people in the bay area?"

sorry, i couldn't resist typing that whole shebang.

andrea said...


tell me the answer! have you bought a bike yet?

biological/calendar clocks are ticking! at the same rate!

these ticks ask: have you bought the bike yet?

today is officially 13 january.

you-we have: 18 days remaining.

andrea said...


herein i shall muster a brief explanation/summary of my sentiments before dropping off to sleep.

i think that my fateful birthday at the albatross (hah!) served for (2) functions only:

1. get jean wasted in 2006
2. buy jean (have her pay for it) a bike...

...before january 2007.

show me the specific models you are eyeing.
(mail me the links to their websites, sometime.)