January 23, 2006

fact ... oids

walter van beirendonck f/w 05

work is picking up, so for today's entry, instead of delivering a well-researched expository piece, i must offer you once again, a condensed, list of factoids!:

1 coffee is a terrible, terrible substitute for actual sleep.
2 bier sausage wrapped in bread is a delectable meal (thank you lin and bach and rosamund sausage grill 545 haight)!
3 visit mac, a boutique 387 Grove St. it carries belgian labels dries van noten, walter van beirendonck, margiela amongst local designers, with a huge men's section!
4 i almost have a complete bike (thanks ben)!
5 i will be in new york over president's day weekend. will you be there?


andrea said...

i like the outfit in the middle..

bach said...

make you own jean! make it make it make it!

andrea said...

new new new! news news news!

i wanna meet this bike!!

and ben, eventually. for a ride!