January 2, 2006

lessons for jon and lilly II


happy 2006!

spelt out lessons for jon and lilly (a re-cap for the year)

you're young, so bank on it!
don't take people's shit when they say you're inexperienced or immature.
you don't ever have to pretend to be someone else.
you're hot - you have the freshest ideas!
this is the fashion lesson.
a lesson in being yourself.

sometimes "no" sounds mean or bad. but it's not.
the negative space is just as lovely as the walls.
be just as proud of saying "no" as "yes" to the right stuff.
what you do or don't. your friends and what you think about.
this is the editorial lesson.
a lesson in restraint and courage.

keep doing stuff.
don't stop!
keep listening and playing and fable-izing.
this is the most important.
this is the architecture lesson.
a lesson in making myths.


Lillian said...


i'll keep that in mind for the coming year of 2006.

bach said...

happy new year jean!!! :)

jean said...

happy new year, dear!!

andrea said...


happy new year to everybody!

i visited the calendar baby website: the first depiction of the taikonaut baby reminds me of certain christian art. (lots of auras in the iconography, which in turn remind me of spacesuit helmets!)

jean said...

isn't it so utterly bizarre?

andrea said...

babies, chinese, calendars, helmets....

pretty soon... the universe!!!!!

completely serious. and by that, i mean, completely serious, all over your blog.

i think the chinese have a healthy conception of space. outer space. i think. i mean..."5 thousand years of EXISTENCE!"

which translates to, "5 thousand, whut!" which in turn translates to, "5 thousand.. wha?"

and then... "huh? why? where? when?"

utterly descriptive of the u.s. portrayal of the asians, of the chinese, of the whole world. Confusion 1st, Confucius 2nd.

preach preach preach