January 26, 2006


everybody needs it

edit: does anyone know where i can find a high resolution image of black acrylic / bronze with a few slightly jagged lines of congealed blood? is there like an abstract expressionist painting out there that has this texture?


andrea said...

dunno why, but this post makes me giggle.

would explain this in good time.

jean said...

this post makes me giggle, too.

what can i say ...

i'm gonna take it to the lowest common denominator! (not to say physical desire is an LCD)

i just have absolutely no time to post what i want to post lately.

thong said...

this post makes me google (was going to say sizzle but we all know how corny that would have been).

on a related tangent, do eunuchs have phantom feelings of their member?

jean said...

or is a member unremembered?

sigh ... and i was going to write an entry on bush administration's wire-tapping the american public -- and little outcry. oh the irony.

andrea said...

i could prolly help you with the hunt for that high res image.

if i can't, i can at least give you pointers? let me know.

andrea said...


i think "physical desire IS an LCD"..
..for guys! no joke!

well, ok. plenty joke.

"makes me google"?

[google] equals [splooge] plus [sizzle]?

oh, boys will be boys.

andrea said...



i understand...
i mean, i just think that it
hasn't been "blogging season" lately.
if that makes sense.

very-related to the Bush scandal
(in berkeley, we like to say:
"mm mm! Fuck Bush! spare change
for cunnilingus!".. no joke!)...

were reported in yesterday's paper,
either the n.y.t. or the s.f.c. ..

my housemate's a great guy because
he keeps his ears perked to the news.

a said...

water > light.

on that related tangent, eunuchs probably do. i mean, it depends on
how you look at it, eh?

this is where freud comes rolling
out of his grave.. from beneath the
dirt and into the bay area..
..rolling like a sausage..

anyway. you remind me of this Taschen-published book i saw at Moe's.. it's all about "aesthetic
surgery". grossest thing in the world,
this book. well, nearly. my housemate
& i were just talking about trans-sexual surgery on wednesday morning; wednesday evening comes, and PLOP: we end up in Moe's and start
flipping through this book.

you also remind me of ancient chinese eunuchs. i mean, the local asian-ethnic t.v. channels always love to broadcast "historical epic dramas"...
... in convenient half-hour dosages.

i was watching some of them with my parents over winter break. my dad loves to point things out to me, things that i might never guess about
ancient chinese people. one thing in particular: "that character? you see him? he portrays a eunuch!"

however, you stick this character in modern-day san francisco, and he seems like any old asian guy. i asked my dad, "what really distinguishes him as a eunuch?" and he told me that it was his high-pitched voice and slender frame.

what the fuck!!

i guess asian actors are scarce.

and my pop was more fixated on the story-line than anything else.