February 4, 2006

girls boys girls

t-b: dior homme, veronique branquinho f/w 06

-- i love this branquinho 'couple matching sets.' wouldn't it be hilarious if couples really dressed like this? oh wait ...


andrea said...

hi jean!

you haven't sold me on vero branquinho's designs, yet. i mean,i know it's not your INTENT to do so... it's just that i'm not sure whether she appeals to me at all. could be wrong.

i want to see several visual renderings of what your old branquinho scarf looks/looked like!! maybe then i will understand her appeal!

p.s. "couple matching sets", eh? i know what you mean..
it's like having dog-owners resemble their dogs- a bad idea! although matching collars/necklaces/chokers could be cool...
what can i say- i'm tacky. :D

andrea said...

so i did the right thing to do: i clicked on the web-link you provided!

after seeing another foto/shot/pair-of-poses i understand the philosophy behind her designs. well, i should edit myself: only after READING the textual description of her philosophy... do i begin to understand her designs.

i guess that such "indirect" philosophy/design doesn't "grab" me. i'm of short attention span when it comes to apparel/fashion. i'm "coming to terms" with it. in fact, i hope i'm not annoying you here- i know exactly what the phrase "it doesn't 'grab' me" sounds like! it sounds condescending!

well, let me start over..

andrea said...

i suppose i just wasn't "grabbed" (by the jugular, that is...) by the predictability of the poses. granted, i type this after only recognising two (2) different shots of one (1) designer's work. still- EVEN after my eyes trail from the foto (on the men.style.com site)... .. towards the textual description.. and EVEN after i finish LOOKING at the textual description.. i'm not even non-plussed.

well, this is just a study in mass-communication. i guess that the average [clothing] consumer isn't "viscerally" attracted to slouch-poses. especially in the u.s.

also- seems like branquinho's designs are marketed/fitted for only a "SLIM" fraction of "AVAILABLE" body types.

ok. i feel like i'm being redundant here. typed enough again!

andrea said...

however: back to the topic at hand: girls boy girls!!!

i think i'm falling in love with dior homme!! dior'homme!!

p.s. i can think of at least THREE (3) male friends... make that...
.. FOUR (4)... or even... 6-8 (!) male friends who would VOLUNTEER their opinions on male fashion. you know, in case you wanted to take an informal survey of the u.s. population. would love to introduce you to them all. many of them are, yes- housemates.

besides the housemates: jorge, stephen, anthony. i think dinner dates would be the most "convenient" way to finnagle their insights out of their mouths and into your ears!

i'm not exaggerating when i say: they each/individually help me shop better!

and i need all the help i can find!

jean said...

as nice and democratic as it sounds, if i were to be a menswear designer, i would not be very interested in doing any kind of survey. after all, it is not about democracy but about fascism -- that is, what I want to see worn on men, and nothing else. i am the maker and they are the object, and there is no dialogue except in silent glances.

andrea said...

of course! i said "survey" really loosely. i'm not even that interested in engaging in conversation about men's fashion! even though i enjoy following male fashion trends more than i do female trends.

however- these friends (all gay & male)- are experts in the sport of "silent glancing". no coincidences here. i'd like you to meet them, someday, anyhow. i mean- i rely on their opinions for my own sake, too! i have a bad eye for clothes!