February 22, 2006

long vacation

my last memories of new york are the inside of st luke's, peaceful iv drips into my right arm, long hugs -- maybe the warmest thing in the city, at least to me.

my parents are coming tonight, and they are going to make food for me and help me move out. i missed them. i've been waiting for a long vacation for a long time.


andrea said...

yay for long hugs & peaceful ivy drips!!!

(and for friends; moving; food; parents; help; new york state)

andrea said...

don't know exactly what the doctors have been telling you-
but- you should at least think about your intake of B-vitamins & Niacin. are you getting enough?

andrea said...

ditto beta carotene.

(don't hurt to be redundant in your diet. unless you're 'morbidly obese'.)