February 26, 2006


i woke up and realized i have never felt so much pressure in my torso before ... and in my hands, wrists, arms, elbow, upper back, lower back, face, feet. like a water balloon that is about to pop. i think i said ... like tetsuo in akira when his guts start spilling out his skin. (but the pain i feel is probably not quite as painful as being overcome by a demonic life force). argh, it hurts so much. i swear if i cut my belly several gallons of water will spill out.


andrea said...

is it jean who feels like tetsuo, or tetsuo who feels like jean circa february 2006?

all i can say is- besides getting that rest you need- bundle up, keep warm, and don't do anything strenuous. grad school is counting on you to get better! grad school... and friends, too.

andrea said...

didn't get the 'akira' reference until my friend told me.

"that's disturbing," he said about you.

(don't take offence)

take the u.k. by storm with your newly radiant health!!!