March 25, 2006

food. berkeley.

it makes my mouth water ... it's about time to head over to berkeley, because the newest addition to the Gourmet Ghetto, the 1509 shattuck food court (otherwise known as Epicurious Garden) opened while i was away. Kitchen on Fire has a funny little video clip with their chefs that makes me hungry. And it makes me want to get a magnetic knife strip one of these days.

pan-seared snap peas!


kt said...

yes yes! we'll go eat at epicurean garden when you come to berkeley!

kt said...

i keep thinking it's epicurean!!! it's epicurious! haha

andrea said...

north shattuck has a website???!

i've passed by that food court several times, without knowing when it opened. i remember seeing a bunch of cantonese-speaking construction workers in front of the fa├žade.

have you ever been to Kirala? i've heard bad things about it..

also- did you know there's now a Gelato shop in the MLK student union on campus? let's go!

andrea said...

magnetic knife strip!!!

jean said...

kirala has delicious sushi migiri and sashimi. i had udon and mackerel that i didn't like that much.

jean said...