March 17, 2006


how lovely.

fredrick kuhlefelt from the Quiet Life Camera Club. how do you guys like their photo collection?

i played the piano for the first time in ages yesterday ... and ended up going for 3 hours, after which i collapsed and laid in bed for a few hours. hehe. i played beethoven and schumann. it felt so sweet to press on the keys; it felt like i could go on play and falter forever if my body would let me. however my left hand is so weak, i couldn't even synchronize my scales, but oh well. once i have enough energy i will work on playing well again. anyway, i have liszt (!) and still pathetique for fun to work on, and a lot of time. perhaps i will be ready for a recital in a few months, who knows.

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andrea said...

yay! i hear that lizst requires big hands.. or strenuous fingers. like rachmaninoff.

i can check out books from the school's music library, if you like.