March 18, 2006

some selections

Kraftwerk - Das Modell
"Das Modell" reminds me of driving across the Bay Bridge in the fall. I love the mystery and roccoco-ness of this song's interludes.

Underworld - Two Months Off
This is like all the fresh progressiveness and spirit of the dotcom 90s bottled in one song.

David Bowie - Let's Dance
I love the jeans. But what's with the shoe metaphor?

Kylie Minogue - Come Into My World
Why is Kylie so cute? This video makes me want to get back into wearing straight leg hip huggers with platforms ... but then again, probably not.

Greenday - When I Come Around
I don't know why I still have a middle school crush on Greenday. Hehe.


thong said...

we all fell in love with greenday in middle school. sigh.

andrea said...

i love bowie videos!!

and i get him confused with david byrne pretty often... this video might be an example of why. david byrne always talks about the uselessness of genres, especially of the "world music" genre... he has spoken so many words about americans/brits regard "world music" with condescension..

as for this shoe metaphor.. seems like the heels represent restriction or restraint or inhibition or ego. the neo-anthropologist in me wants to say that they represent 'civilisation'.. but let's not go there, for now.

kt said...

new banner! hooray!

mark said...

yeah, whats that building in the new banner? it looks f'in sweet!

jean said...

kazuo sejima ... guess the building!

andrea said...

neat.. it reminds me of those walls in israel/palestine where pilgrims go to bury their paper prayers & stuff..