April 12, 2006

environmental photography

On this blog, I will be doing an image series of my some of my favorite of what i call landscape and density photographers.

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Melanie Seasons said...

Hi, Jean.

My name is Melanie Seasons and I'm with Hass MS&L Public Relations. We are currently working on a pro-bono blog-outreach campaign for The Canary Project.

The Canary Project is an effort by photographer Susannah Sayler and a team of researchers, writers and designers to gather images of global warming and display those images in ways that bring them to the attention of the widest possible audience. You can see examples of the work and learn more about them here:


During the month of July, Canary Project images will be on the sides of buses in Denver as part of the Museum of Contemporary Art's "Creative Acts That Matter" exhibit. You can see more of the Project's work and some of the bus images here:


We're trying to let bloggers and other web-based publications know about this work and we hope you'll share it with your readers. I can answer any questions you may have and provide additional press documents about the exhibit.

Thanks for your time,