April 1, 2006

immaculate reasoning

oh hell yeah! 5-dvd collection of busby berkeley's masterpieces -- in all body-mechanized synchronized sensual splendor. top of my to-buy list.

this week's quotes:

x: i shall name my daughter "ananya" and my son "roy." respectable names.

y (on the topic of irreconciliable differences between two people): my brother's ex-girlfriend's favorite movie is "lord of the rings" and he HATES it!
me: irreconciliable differences!! (thinking: ew, why would you date someone who's favorite movie is "lord of the rings" in the first place?)

z: pacific crest trail it is. (okay, this is siqi. we have a goal to make the pacific crest trail in a few years.)

w: jean, you're one of those. you're a natural born tripper. (so this quote is from a dinner a few months ago -- little did i know how much my mind would be stretched come march ... and for how long!)

apologies if you have been misquoted!

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