April 19, 2006

maoist ballet

if you know me, as a hobby / neurosis, i tend to get into little niche subjects (side endeavors) very fast, read a lot about them, and then find another, sort of related thing to be into. they're usually just obscure things that are related to things that i already have some general knowledge about, which i find fascinatingly corrupt yet aesthetically beautiful one way or another.

last fall it was "future alternative utopias / dystopias in anime and film" (ie bladerunner vs superstudio vs akira). at the end of 2005, it was "fascist architecture" (which i unfortunately didn't have enough time to really get into bc of my job -- too broad). new fascination: maoist ballet. this builds on my existing interest in busby berkeley and 20s deco films (maoist ballet vs busby berkeley -- someone needs to write that ph.d. thesis). and north korean mass games. i will call this new interest "maoist mass choreographed performance art."

oh, how i love the internet. though, sometimes i think i might have too much time on my hands ... :)

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