April 24, 2006


Tonight, I mourn the loss of four books, forever stolen at a San Francisco Amtrak station.

First, typography and graphic layout rarity, no-longer-in-print Ursache & Wirkung, and her young grandson, Kompendium fur Alphabeten. A petite Sejima beauty. Lastly, a sepia-print, cloth-cover of photographed anthropomorphic physiognomies.

I only hope the person who stole my four books will learn to love type and minimalist japanese architecture as i love it, just as much as i hope the person who stole my ipod in february listened and fell in love with isolee and the kompakt pop ambient series. :) Well, if they don't have my exact taste already. Those bastards. But, how shall I mend my broken heart?

Tonight, I shed a tear for my lost books. Tomorrow, onto writing letters ...


rog said...

Man, I need a raise so I can buy good books like these. And your ipod stolen? Sucks!


I don't know if I want to copy her, date her or be her.

jean said...

i have a book budget every month, but given what i find, it varies ... to extremes! i went on a book binge these last few months almost unconsciously ... i was in this mindset "i better read all the books i want to read before i die ..." but i need to curb it.

that girl is cute. i love the neck fur thing. it looks like that's the party we need to go to when we find ourselves in helsinki.

andrea said...

4!!!! what a catastrophe.