April 20, 2006

some of couplands's "generation x" definitions

historical overdosing: to live in a period of time when too much seems to happen. major symptoms include addiction to newspapers, magazines, and TV news broadcasts.

vaccinated time travel: to fantasize about traveling backward in time, but only with proper vaccinations.

fame-induced apathy: the attitude that no activity is worth pursuing unless one can become very famous pursuing it. fame-induced apathy mimics laziness, but its roots are much deeper.

: morals used in everyday life that derive from TV sitcom plots: "That's just like the episode where Jan lost her glasses!"

terminal wanderlust: a condition common to people of transient middle-class [or upper-class] upbringings. unable to feel rooted in any one environment, they move continually in the hopes of finding an idealized sense of community in the next location.

clique maintenance: the need of one generation to see the generation following it as deficient so as to bolster its own collective ego: "Kids today do nothing. They're so apathetic. We used to go out and protest. All they do is shop and complain."

douglas coupland, generation x, 1991

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