May 1, 2006

sfiff fun weekend

i like the upholstery pattern on the amtrak bus!

what a great weekend. saw some good films, with friends, drunk and not drunk. (i was not one of the drunk ones). i wish i got to see everyone, but i got pretty spent at the end of the film festival. (it's hard to stay up late when you usually go to bed at 10 pm)

don't worry! we will see each other another weekend -- i promise! (and i have something for you).

1 comment:

andrea said...

sad that i missed the bulk of the festival, but glad that you loved it! hope to head out to s.f. and catch some of the straggler movies later this week..

i need to head out to sacramento sometime this summer (for the handful of friends who grew up there)..

in the meantime- enjoy new york!! :p