May 16, 2006

sweet 80s music video youtubing

i am taking a film-editing class starting at the end of june. thus begins the culling of the Internet: the ultimate professor of aesthetic studies (well, besides Real Life), and of course, general, long-lasting pleasure:

rah band - clouds across the moon
"this is the intergalactic operator speaking ..." - space-age industrial tin foil chic.

wham! - wake me up before you go-go
reminds us yet again the baggy t-shirt is recycled over and over through the course of history - all the last, say, 30 years of its existence; and the saxophonists' cap showed up in bernhard willhelm's 2005 collections. why do we watch pop music videos from the 1980s? to steal the fashion.

bobby mcferrin - don't worry be happy
good song. check out the oliver peoples frames - quintessential yuppy corporate climber chic! is bobby trying to tell us something?

brian eno and david byrne - mea culpa
classic art house music video. something about science or something.

petshop boys - suburbia
this song is dedicated to my german shepherd, ringo, who turns two on may 20th.

david bowie - blue jean
to satisfy my unending narcissism and megalomania.


kt said...


i think it be sweet if we all sent each other small edited video files, back and forth to edit and add and layer... that would be fun (using digital camera video clips)

jean said...

an excellent proposition!