May 8, 2006


tory burch f/w 2006

reyes f/w 2006

even though summer is my favorite season, weather-wise, the best time for clothes is fall/winter, well, because you wear more of them (usually). but if you live in place with a san francisco climate, you can do fall-winter-spring-summer all year long. (ah, what a beautiful city!)

i am really digging these black/navy jumpers, as well as, yes, another pair of loeffler randall boots.

(image courtesy shopbop)

i am also on the look out (antique stores?) for a really old school black leather clasp purse -- the kind train conductors carried in the olden days, slung across their uniforms, which held tickets stubs, coins, a pencil, and a ticket hole puncher, sort of like this, but more utilitarian:

speaking of uniforms, i actually ironed some dress shirts this morning, and my, what a delightful feeling, easing out those creases. so tactile.


bach said...

beautiful boots.

i love fall winter clothing too.
i really do not like spring and summer much. all i see everywhere is khaki and pastels.
i do not like pastel colors.

jean said...

hehe. we have a shared distaste for pastel. (although i like mint and flourescent colors on 80's throwback track jackets. :) it reminds me of paris!

it's very fitting you'll find yourself in soho this month surrounded by strong greys and blacks -- and bold reds! -- compare that to the bulk of the fashions at the trade shows in LA we saw last year!!!

andrea said...

me three, i don't like pastels much, either, but i have a soft spot for mint, too.

very toasty these days! how funny that the windiness on a night in early may might feel like the windiness on halloween night, albeit a bit warmer.

the clasp purse you're looking for- how would it be shaped? whenever i see those, i think of women aged 70+, the 1960s, or of rummaging through my mom's dresser drawer as a kid. she has at least one, but that one's studded with tiny beige beads, as far as i remember...