July 2, 2006


i got the second, and latest, issue of lula. it captures one metatrend succinctly, with the requisite list of school girl favorites: marc jacobs, charles anastase, ossie clark, etc. it's a bit too fluffy and tongue-in-cheek for me at times, but it's nice to see a fashion mag that doesn't really act as a grand arbiter of values, or wax psuedo-intellectual. my favorite thing about it is that it does a very good job reminding me of the kind of in-between land girls occupy in their early adolescence; even though there's the budding recognition of sex and seduction, it's still a girl's world ... so the best part is that there are NO BOYS ALLOWED.


andrea said...

nice. where can you pick this up?

jean said...

in east bay ... probably any newsstand that carries international fashion mags. last resort, i'd check b&n.