August 2, 2006

so this is goodbye

junior boys' "so this is goodbye" album is a long, smooth slow jam with the bounce of ice cubes being dropped into a dark, fizzy drink. okay, no more corny metaphors from jean. there's more percussion play and acid grind in this one than "last exit," their first album, which released two years ago. tracks range from floating synth clouds (FM) to erasure-like croons punctuated with staccato bassoon (First Time). and one of my favorite sounds of all time, rhythmic breathing, is featured on the track In the Morning! this one has already come out as a 12" single with remixes by morgan geist and alex smoke. in sum, we've got the love songs of lonely night owls ... boys with their hands in their pockets and melodies in their heads -- a mysterious, serious kind of boyhood!

1 comment:

andrea said...

aw, sweet. staccato bassoons and rhythmic breathing!