August 28, 2006

things i like very very much (maybe more so than i realized before!)

I like big cups of peppermint tea
I like hearing elaborate stories about fantastical strangers
I like riding uphill presidio at about .005 mph with my friends, huffing
I like tiny rolls of trace, too -- a tiny overpriced nicety

I like the pho place we went pretty much everyday this weekend
I also like that double skin dish at great china
I like stories about little kids who are actually warriors
I like soft voices droning away about quiet things that are actually loud

I like making fun of the atrocity that is high art today (a la 4th floor of SFMOMA)
I like listening to friends call out the lame aspects of architecture and film history
I like waking up at noon
I like the sound column
I like this pretty city

I like when people remember how brilliant and kind they are
I like the idea of a hi-NRG compilation (yes, mid-late 90s yay area r&b/electro)
I like how beard papa makes people eat in a specs-appeal manner
I like a slow silly weekend
I like you, too

1 comment:

jean said...

reading this a week later, i feel a little strange knowing that i composed such a strange entry. sounds like i was on another planet. maybe it was all the candy i ate.

well, that WAS a great weekend. :D