August 22, 2006

track description poetry

poetry compiled from snippets of gmail chat:

ricardo villalobos "que belle epoque 2006"
gooey and sexual, with a booty hop;
that gurgling sound in the back,
like plasmatic fluids.

markus guentner "never want to stop listening to that"
low sexy start,
randomey yet uniform.

dominik eulberg "bionik"
bubbly saws and pans, too cute --
like a robot cooking, melody strong; ravey,
hella 90s.

international pony "our house (papa)"
that synth acidey thing, it's trippy
dude singing --
parachute pants.

xavier cugat "perfidia"
kind of reminds me always
of a pervy tony leung.
makes me want to cry; let's all
listen to techno and forget the past.

gmail chat
so minimal, yet

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Anonymous said...

my thoughts exactly