September 1, 2006

fun stuff

I am more happy now than I have been in the last six months. :)

You can make your own planet!

One of my favorite things is timelapse photography. Here's a bit of London timelapsed.

Lastly, start geo-tagging your photos on Flickr!


bach said...

yay for happy!


yay for making... KATAMARI planets?!?? :)

sheeep said...

KATAMARI...that's what I thought too. By the way, how do you find those interesting websites every time??

jean said...

you know, i haven't even played katamari since that last time at your place ... but i just recently had a DREAM about it! i guess it had something to do with looking out the plane while the plane was circling jfk to land ... i didn't think about the people on the streets or that it was brooklyn ... all i could think was: "if i had a katamari, i could roll ALL OF THIS UP."

the interesting websites are a result of my websurfing mania. :D