September 13, 2006

the new morality

in music and cinema we've seen a steady reinfusion of an optimism that comes with a return to slowness, the natural world, and the act of creation. i choose to call this a new morality, and by morality i don't mean a set of rules of exclusion -- i mean a shedding of blase cynicism and fear, and taking on a sense of community, accepting differences, and chilling out. that means letting go of greed and self-preservation and false worship (the worship of fame, the worship of power). something more in tune with the rhythms of life and death comes hand-in-hand.

i like this pervasive sense of honesty in the arts, and what i see affiliated with it, because it tells us that there are things we can sacrifice (or let go of), and things worth preserving -- that things like friendships are worth more than riches.

i will give you some examples shortly.

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andrea said...

nicely worded!