October 3, 2006

my hero


(edit for the kids!)

you're often called a new surrealist. do you think this suits you?
yeah, I've heard that...you can call me anything you want.
I'd rather be called a new surrealist rather than other things I've been called in my life.

please tell us more about photography and digital technology.

well the computer is slave to the camera, because without a good photograph
all the technology in the world doesn't take a good picture.
you have to have a good photograph to begin with.

which of your projects has given you the most satisfaction?

everything here, that's on these walls, has given me the most satisfaction.
because there are a lot of photographs that don't make it.
every picture I've taken is from the past, but its the ones in the future
that I'm looking forward to taking most.

are there any photographers that you particularly appreciate?

a lot, nan golden, helmut newton... a lot.

what about architects and designers?

there are so many fashion designers, I love them all,
I find the world a much easier place to live in if you like more than you dislike,
there are so many critics walking around, everyone's a critic, and they always
have to criticize, but I think its much easier to live and enjoy everything.

(interview with david lachapelle via and staley wise)

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