December 19, 2006

cosi, yet?

(courtesy pingmag)

hello friends,

the past few days i was preparing for a warm front (60-plus degree fahrenheit in mid-december!) but alas, the frost caught us. fortunately, this means we get to bundle up and get cosi in large sweaters and fur caps. i'm braving meager near-freezing lows; however the days are crisp and sunny here in roseville. i'm still looking for a good winter coat; my wool-blanket walter is taking a break due to an injury -- a tear where the right arm meets the shoulder. in the meantime, i'm bringing out some old nylon military numbers (with hoods!), which i never thought i'd see again!

the past weekend was filled with soul food; indeed it's been a culinary season. lots of hot pot. lots of homemade buns. lots of sweet, sweet yaaaaaams. hot damn, lots of yams. of course, the best thing about it is being around my silly opera-singing family and their friends. whatta buncha jokesters ... i haven't spent so many long weekends with my family in several years, and i'm really grateful this year, i got the chance -- many times. i've been blessed a billion times over.

these last weeks, i've also counted many hours in studio working on final cut and sewing patterns with a concentrated intensity, kind of ridiculous. so if i missed your calls, you know where i've been. please don't be mad. answer my calls when i call ya! i'm done with all projects now, and so ready to chill ... slip back into my little cottage on planet x21. i know all ya'll are super busy, so if i don't see you before christmas ... 2007 is going to be great! i can't wait to see you!!


siqi said...

Can't wait to see the finished products! Stay cozy, and give my love to the family!

<3 Squeek

jean said...

You too, squeek! I would like you to try on the dress. Many kisses xoxoxoxo. :)

siqi said...

we are engaged! <3 s & k