December 13, 2006

el dorado

songs have been mysteriously playing in my head as i wake in a startle from REM in the morning. last week, it was new order's "ceremony." the last few days it's been ella fitzgerald's "paper moon," and a certain hot chip cover. i don't know who programs the playlist in my brain at night, but i sure like her taste.

in the meantime, today i finished my princess seam round top, and it turned out a lot better fit than i thought it would, so i am quite quite pleased. i am excited to make another one, if you'd like to see if you can be fitted, let me know a week from today. in the meantime meantime, i am making collages ...

gaily bedight,
a gallant knight,
in sunshine and shadow,
had journeyed long,
singing a song,
in search of el dorado ...

and, as his strength
failed him at length,
he met a pilgrim shadow -
'shadow,' said he,
'where it can be -
this land of el dorado?'

'over the mountains
of the moon,
down the Valley of the Shadow,
ride, boldly ride,'
the shade replied, -
'if you seek for el dorado!'


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