February 19, 2007

07aw central st martin's: forms and shapes

if 2005 was about drapes, prints, and possibly the final vestiges of deconstruction, and 2006 was deep layers, many central st. martin's MA collections in 2007 have forgone the complex mind-altering juxtapositions within each garment, and instead, pared down (relatively) to flatland -- nearly cut-out, almost retro -- forms and shapes: where fabric bends like paper and silhouettes are stepped out of line drawings with bauhaus curves. if the standout student is tatiana katinova's (top image) monochrome tailoring with ever so subtle architecturally rounded hips and shoulders (a subdued version of last year's alexander mcqueen) we have a gradually minimal-izing micro-cosmos of geometries and bold solids amongst this set.

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