February 20, 2007

ballet youtubeur

sylvie guillem as raymonda

aurelie dupont at l'ecole opera de paris (age 14!)
natalia makarova doing center work and at the barre
sylvie guillem with manuel legris in grand pas classique
nureyev on the muppet show
and, ballet trockadero!

dear friends,

if i haven't seen you, it's because i'm still playing recluse, not of my own volition. it's a strange feeling, to see best friends so rarely, yet to spend so much time working on things that i love. i feel an intensity in the work (it's rather physical), but i'm looking forward to when i'll be able to be back with all of you!

lately, i've been in a rather meditative state, as i've been drawing, making, and dancing. it feels wonderful. (a year ago, i never imagined i would be spending several hours continuously sipping tea and studying ballet clips on youtube every day.)

i've always felt a strange kind of joy, like a soft euphoria, when i watch ballet performed, and it's difficult to describe the clarity my mind and body feels after stepping out of class. it's something about being in a place that sees no difference between lightness, vulnerability and power. aurelie dupont describes it in ballet magazine:

When I was in the school I wasn’t so sensitive as I am now, because you are not allowed to show it. Then it is very hard to search in yourself what you had to hide, and to put all this back ...

I am happy because I think I am more honest on stage: if I want to be strong I know how to be strong, and if I want to be fragile, like me, I will be fragile.

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