March 16, 2007

summer begins early

i have today, this steamy-hot friday (what's going on with the 90-degree temps here? i've already gotten three shades tanner) off. i only have a few things planned for today: 1 fit the muslin for my little sister's dress. i am working on this little thing for evening, but i'm not entirely satisfied with the material (it's part synthetic shantung). we will make due ... ! 2 read eco's the mysterious flame of queen loana, which is shaping out to be as significant a novel for me as jonathan lethem's fortress of solitude.

and 3 watch interviews on this site i recently came across called flasher. they've interviewed young talents in electronic music, film, visual arts, and fashion design; i knew i had found a veritable gem of a blogazine (meaning HOT) when i ran down the list, especially noting a number of my favorite dj's. check out telfar's palindromic streetwear, ellen allien on dance!

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