May 3, 2007

geoff mcfetridge

so i'm a little late in posting this line drawn video of whitest boy alive's "golden cage" by geoff mcfetridge, but it's all about the long tail, eh? i dig the maurice sendak-like where-the-wild-things aztec monsters and fuzzy beasts in pajamas, and there's what looks like could be lots of shape-shifting sword references to the saga of the volsungs, the ancient viking epic, which we read about a week ago in borges' short story "ulrike," from the book of sand: He took the sword Gram and laid it naked between them.

but, this could just be my hazy speculation. :) anyway, coming home from the city to a bed of sleeping demons in the burbs is something i can relate to.


baobab said...

love it!

jean said...

dreaming a little dream of me