May 16, 2007

i am in love with google maps

i can't get enough of google maps. google just took their global domination to a whole nother level by letting you personalize and save your own maps -- you enter an address, click on "save to my maps" in the bubble that pops up, and type in the name of the destination.

people have made maps of route destinations, significant sites through history, their best friends' addresses, the places they fell in love. i just spent two hours working on a map of destinations in los angeles. and there is so much more to add! (by the way, i'll be down for a week or so, starting this saturday). :)

of course, this isn't as cool as your moleskine city guide, but even if you forget your journal at home, you won't lose your google map. is it terrible of me to say that i'm awaiting the day google maps auto-synchs with gps systems?


denim and shoes said...

amazing blog. on my favourites.

jean said...

thank you. i like your blog, too. i'm going to add you to my links, if you don't mind.