May 3, 2007



hi folks: apologies, it's been a while. this past week has been a great one including one sasc benefit concert, one sf ballet's don quixote and then, after a delicious meal of fried salmon, a morrissey. more importantly, seeing and sharing gelatos, sobas, and silver-dollar pancakes with friends and friends. yeah!

my semester is wrapping up with final projects done -- except for a final collection board in illustration: four or more looks on two boards (including flats and fabric swatches), which might have an alice in wonderland or four seasons on planet moebius theme. i'm having a tough time being an aggressive curator with this, but i will try my best to keep it simply rococo. (oh, nor have i decided whether i should finish the boards digitally -- meaning, getting a printer to plot it -- or keep it simple / harder with all pencil-&-ink with scissors-&-glue collage!)

the most bittersweet good-bye this semester is at ballet. luckily, i have more classes to look forward to at city or another studio down in glorious sf! (with the additional fun of a salsa partner perhaps?! woot!) time is moving fast.

blog-wise, i've been having writer's blues. it makes me cringe a little, looking at the shape of things round here; i just want someone to assign me a 50-page research paper, possibly three, goddammit. but, there are some blog revelations to be revealed shortly, so bear with me and this ridiculous lack of content, ya'll ... :)

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