March 21, 2008

martino gamper

As a continuation of Martino’s interest in making as well as collecting chairs, he has decided to make one hundred chairs in 100 days. He will be collecting chairs from friends, streets and skips. In a way, the whole process of finding and reconstructing chairs works more like a sketchbook he is happy to work with. It should be possible to ‘design’ and ‘sketch’ in 3D. Will any of the hundred become the model of a mass-produced chair? But more generally, what will happen to them? How can they be used?

very margiela!

martino gamper (aka gamper martino) spent 100 days in 2006 making 100 chairs. these days i can barely draw or sew one thing a day. but if you have a stockpile of designer chairs your pals found off the street hanging out in your wood-working studio in london, i guess this is pretty easy. time to start sketching, you.

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