May 29, 2008

these days

yihyun somehow manages to dazzle me always with her offerings of bay area leisure activities including: go carting on the peninsula, sky diving without parachutes, and circus school. this adds to lu's Enormous Room Entirely Composed of Trampolines in santa clara. oh what to do ...

thoughts from last night's beirut:

the whole crowd singing that final musical phrase at least ten times, to be rewarded by a second encore, when zach comes on stage singing along. magical!

"are you married?!"

while walking down sutter: "you girls are what make me want to be a woman!" "i normally have my fishnets on, but i didn't shave my legs today."


scootergirl said...

shocked! i ramdomly googled my name and this post came up. i was like "oh there's someone else named yihyun in the bay area. WHAAAT?"
Hahahaha, i guess that is me. who else in the world is named yihyun and lives in SF, and went go-cart riding, faux-sky diving?

good to 'run' into you jean.
(i just started my blog, so please welcome me to this blogging world)

buttons said...

haha, i love our street encounter that night!

Squeak said...

Go Cart racing is pretty cool, but make sure don't go with a bunch of male/Type A female!! you may end up with a backache!