May 2, 2008

this american life ... AC Slater

some quotes from This American Life, Live! last night:

"It's better to be likeable than to be funny!" (yells mom to stand-up comedy camp teens -- I never thought those things were mutually exclusive, but I guess they can be!)

"Are there fat people in Iraq?" (asks Savannah, Georgia man to Haider, Baghdad-born student on Fulbright Scholarship)

My memory sort of fails me at this point. Do you remember some more quotes? What I can best remember from the rest of the night was Luke's Booklet Studio (rad), hilarious/awesome Obama House Remix at Ryoko's, and a very important discussion about making out with Jonathan Brandis. (Thank you so much for waiting at the bus stop with me, you two!) Also, I have to add Ladybugs and Trainspotting to my sad little Netflix queue. Also, K needs to bring up her Saved By the Bell DVDs from San Jose. A.S.A.P.

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Squeak said...

Saved by the Bell's DVD? that's t oo funny. Did I ever tell you that was my mom's favorite show?